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Smart & Green Design is a brand specialized in eco-design and environmental auditing of exhibitions, museums and ephemeral interventions, with an analysis and design methodology based on reducing environmental impact.

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Protagonists of the Telefónica National Campaign

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Fernando Muñoz and Smart & Green Design, national protagonists of Telefónica's advertising campaign

Under the slogan "We are a country made of SMEs and the self-employed", the architecture studio, led by its CEO, champions national cultural talent and the need for business digitization.

Fernando Muñoz, architect, museographer, teacher and businessman, highlighting this last edge of his profile as founder of Smart & Green Design and CEO of Curiosa, represents talent and productivity in the latest campaign launched nationwide by the multinational Telefónica "We are a country made of SMEs and the self-employed”.

The advertising campaign prepared by Telefónica Empresas shows various companies and self-employed collaborators from the universe that surrounds the figure of Ferrán Adriá, a Spanish chef known internationally for his revolutionary art in the kitchen, introducing innovation and development to the world of gastronomy. At the global level of the campaign itself, we can see how the figure of Fernando Muñoz stands out, at the head of the design studio that is currently projecting elBulli1846 museographically and that will soon open its doors to the public.

In one of the pieces, dedicated exclusively to Smart & Green Design and recorded in the design and architecture studio located in Madrid, Fernando reflects on the importance of digitizing all his work processes for his business model and, thus, to be able to grow not only as a company, but as a globally recognized brand. And it is that, Smart & Green Design has extensive experience with a multitude of outstanding projects at a national and international level.

In addition, along the same lines, the importance of having a professional website that projects, without a doubt, the brand reputation desired by the design studio, is highlighted, as well as a good presence on social networks that places the brand in a step up from the competition.

This is not the first time that the multinational trusts Fernando Muñoz, collaborations between Fundación Telefónica and Smart & Green Design being common, through exhibitions and immersive experiences, highlighting projects such as “The Great Imagination. Stories of the Future”, “Connections in the Telefónica Foundation”, “Color. Knowledge of the invisible” or “Radical Curiosity. In the orbit of Buckminster Fuller”, among others.

Among the professional success stories of Fernando Muñoz, in addition to the elBulli1846 museographic project, we can highlight:

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