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Smart & Green Design is a brand specialized in eco-design and environmental auditing of exhibitions, museums and ephemeral interventions, with an analysis and design methodology based on reducing environmental impact.

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Smart & Green Design
Smart & Green Design is a brand specialized in the design of immersive experiences, informative exhibitions and ephemeral architecture, with a methodology that guarantees the reduction of environmental impact, awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The search for hybrid spaces, the use of technological resources, the implementation of digital discursive structures and immersive audiovisual installations have become the hallmarks of his interventions.

Smart & Green Design

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Smart & Green Design
Currently more than 70 MILLION people have been forced to leave their homes to be safe. Have we become immune to the misfortune of others? EN TIERRA DE NADIE is an itinerant space created to reflect and find out in detail what is happening.

Our team has collaborated with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR), designing and building the spatial experience, developing the graphic identity, managing roaming and implementing the web:

The initiative started in January 2018 in Madrid and has toured various cities.