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Smart & Green Design is a brand specialized in eco-design and environmental auditing of exhibitions, museums and ephemeral interventions, with an analysis and design methodology based on reducing environmental impact.

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01. The objective is to demonstrate with empirical facts that temporary exhibitions are an activity with sufficiently significant CO2 emissions to implement new formulas both in their design and in their management in accordance with ecological criteria.

The investigation was divided into four stages that include:
Study of current practice in contracting exhibitions; Analysis of typical impacts and development of carbon impact assessments; Pilot study testing the evaluation method measuring the impacts of three different exhibition designs first as temporary exhibitions and then as traveling exhibitions; Consider possible scoring systems to guide clients and designers and Encourage good practice.

Experimenting with sustainability in temporary exhibitions, by the nature of their ephemeral existence, is actually a viable way for a museum to get their first taste of sustainable design. The main conclusions drawn from this study are related to the design of exhibitions to minimize carbon emissions; the advantages of traveling compared to temporary exhibitions; benchmarking of low carbon practices; and education and awareness.

Consult and visit the BIO website of the CEO of Smart and Green Design, Fernando Muñoz, and analyze the methodology for calculating the carbon footprint that is based on the international manual "IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories", prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel for climate change, as well as “The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard”

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Smart & Green Design

Extend the life of exhibits

We always work from the idea of ​​REUSE. All our projects are based on resistant and durable materials, construction systems that allow easy disassembly and minimum storage / transport volume, and designs that can be adapted to any space that can be handled by all types of operators. The objective of our work system is to facilitate the way for managers, promoters and institutions so that the exhibitions are itinerant, avoiding the generation of waste, making the initial investment of its construction profitable and increasing the social/cultural impact of the initiatives so that they reach the maximum. number of places and people.

Projects like “Nikola Tesla: His is the Future”, or “Jules Verne. The limits of imagination”, two of our first projects have already traveled to more than 10 cities since 2014 inside and outside our country, receiving more than 2 million visitors.

- Visit the Tesla exhibition by clicking here.

- Visit the Verne exhibition by clicking here.

- List of exhibitions and places we have reached.

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Smart & Green Design

Space and technology

We work on the definition of hybrid spaces halfway between the physical and the virtual through the use of technological resources, digital discursive structures and immersive audiovisual installations.

Technology at the service of culture can amplify the sensations that art produces in the viewer, generate new emotions, promote active participation and open alternative paths to knowledge.

Can you do an art exhibition without the physical works? Is it possible to get emotional without contemplating the artistic object? What other types of experiences can a digitally displayed work of art provide? The exhibition shows digital experiences specially designed from works of art by some of the most significant artists in the Telefónica collection, applying technologies ranging from VR, photogrammetry, videomapping, immersive and immersive experience through 3D, software development and image analysis technology or digital painting, among others.

Visit the Intangibles exhibition.

The digital experiences are exhibited simultaneously in seven cities (Madrid, Mexico City, Mar de Plata, Montevideo, Bogotá, Quito and Santiago de Chile), transcending the space/time framework, since all the venues of the exhibition are connected in real time and share content and experiences.

The Concept behind Intangibles.

Smart & Green Design, exposición, exposiciones, museos, eventos, ferias, congresos, diseño de exposiciones, diseñador de exposiciones, Fernando Muñoz, Smart & Green Living

A space where the visitor overcomes the usual barriers of an exhibition to live a direct and emotional experience, a project within the framework of the celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of the constitution of 1978. Conceived as a great interactive audiovisual installation where more than 40 audiovisual devices that collect the most outstanding moments and testimonies in the history of Democracy in our country.

Visit the Democracy exhibition.

The Concept behind Democracy.